Here are a few helpful pieces of info to know for your upcoming delivery...

General Order Information

Your order will take 1-3 business days to process at our warehouse. Once the courier has picked up and processed your shipment you will receive an auto-generated email with tracking information. Travel time for your order will be 4-10 business days depending on the distance the delivery location is from our warehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please note: if your order contains more than one vehicle, they will ship a few days apart to avoid extra import fees.

Your bundle order is comprised of seperate pieces. Vehicles will ship as a separate piece, accessories may or may not ship boxed together. These shipments can occasionally arrive on separate days, please refer to your tracking email. In the event you have any questions about your tracking or your items have not shown up within several days of each other please contact Rosso Customer Service.

Have questions, need help with a technical issue, or find that something was damaged during shipping? Send an email to our Customer Service Team at with your order # and any supporting details/photos/videos that can help us help you faster and easier. Please note office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm PST.

eQuad Information

For orders containing an eQuad R, the racks for the eQuad R ship separately from the core vehicle. Please note due to a packaging error, the initial production run of the eQuad Rs arrived boxed in an eQuad T box, you can confirm that you received the correct model by checking that is has a body made of black plastic.

The most current version of the manual for your eQuad can be found by clicking the thumbnails below. Digital manuals may have updated content from the print version included in the box, please regard the digital version as the most accurate.

eQuad T

eQuad R

Your eQuad comes with a set of keys and a remote fob. Only the method used to turn the eQuad on will turn it off. To take advantage of of the remote shut off feature the eQuad must be first turned on with the fob. It is also highly recommended you separate the pair of keys so you have a spare if the first is lost.

Your eQuad Bundle comes with the extended 2yr warranty. This protects it from any manufacturing defects or errors. This warranty does not cover accidental damage or wear and tear items such as tires, brake cables etc. All warranty claims, once diagnosed by our technician, will be resolved with replacement parts shipped free of charge to be installed by the owner.

Customer Gallery

Did you know that we have a gallery of customer created photos on our main website? Show off your lil Rosso rider with their new eQuad and get entered to win a monthly draw for a special Rosso Kids T-shirt! Details for entry on the gallery page linked below.