Outdoor Ride-on electric 4 wheeler. For kids.

The RossoMax e-torque Engine is built with safety in mind: heavy-duty handlebar clamps for securing the steering while riding, remote start and stop for parental control, and large air-filled rubber tires/wheels for greater stability. So you don’t have to worry about your kids riding too fast or falling off.

Our girl uses it all the time, and has a blast. Perfect for my 5 year old.
- Wade

Ride for hours. Not just 15 mins.

No more worries about battery-life. Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge. Achieve a safe speed of 8 mph with the powerful RossoMax e-torque motors. Let your kid enjoy the ride for longer.

It has worked like a charm and the battery keeps a great charge to it so she can just run out and ride it around whenever she feels like it. My girl is really enjoying it
- V.Spoone

Ride through bumpy roads. Using high quality components.

Real rubber tires (12”) provides better traction, better stability and higher ground clearance. Shock suspension makes it less bumpy and it is less likely your child can fall. Your kid's safety is our number 1 priority

No more getting stuck in the middle of the road.

A lot more power than the 12v. My 6 year old girl loves it. Her old 12v would not go up the hills well but this one has no trouble.
- Eric Robinson

No assembly required. Unpack and experience outdoors.

The electric 4-wheeler comes FULLY pre-assembled. And if you need extra help, our live customer support line is one click away.

The front cowling and headlight were damaged during shipping. So my girl couldn't ride it. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent replacement parts for free. Couldn’t ask for better customer service than that.
- Chris

Here's how our electric 4 Wheeler for kids compare to others

Rosso Motors Kids 4 Wheeler
Standard Toy 4 Wheeler
Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge at 8mph
Only ride for up to 1 hour on a single charge at 6mph
Rosso 4 Wheeler has more power and speed, as well as a longer range per charge
Rubber Tires
Plastic Tires
Rosso 4 Wheeler has better traction and stability, as well as higher ground clearance
Disc Brake System
Drum or No Brakes
Rosso 4 Wheeler has enhanced stopping ability making it much safer
Shock Absorbent Suspension
No Suspension
Rosso 4 Wheeler is a much smoother ride
Headlights and Tail Lights
No Lights
Rosso 4 Wheeler is more safe in lower light conditions
Parental Remote Fob
Control when to start or stop by clicking 1 button
No Remote Fob
Rosso 4 Wheeler can be controlled from the distance
Service & Parts
Parts for all units in stock even after the warranty
Have to buy a new unit
By buying Rosso 4 Wheeler you are saving money and time

Why you should choose Electric 4 Wheeler versus Gas ATV

Electric 4 Wheeler
Ride everywhere

Electric Four Wheeler for Kids Product Specification

Recommended Ages
Weight Capacity
Top Speed
Maximum Range
Charge Time
3 - 8 years old
90 lbs (40 kgs)
24V (2x12V) / 9AH lead acid
8mph (12.8km/hr)
1 speed (American compliant)
Up to 2 hours
6 hours for a full charge
Seat Height
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
Net Weight
Rear Disc
inflatable Rubber (12"x4.10/3.50-6")
17" (43cm)
40" X 21" X 26"
79lbs (36kg)

Rosso Equad T Ride On Four Wheeler for Kids Assembly Video

Rosso eQuad-T Ride On Four Wheeler for Kids Manual

If you want to know more information about our Rosso four wheeler for kids, please have a look at our manual.

Most asked questions about Rosso eQuad-t Pink 4 wheeler

What is the difference between the eQuad T four wheeler and the eQuad R ATV?

The T & the R four wheelers share many of the same specs (size, speed, battery, motor) but the eQuad R atv has a modified frame to accommodate the added racks and has an updated controller that has a connection for an optional light pole.

What’s the difference between the eQuad T four wheeler for kids and the X3 ride-on toy?

The X3 is intended for a younger, less experienced kids. The eQuad T kids four wheeler features a motor neary 4x as powerful, which translated into a top speed of 8mph (nearly double the X3’s speed). It has a sturdier frame with a higher recommended weight limit of 90lbs (X3’s is 66lbs) and features metal parts and rubber tires like a real ATV.

Why is the speed of the eQuad T kids four wheeler only 8mph

The eQuad T 4 wheeler reaches a maximum speed that is compliant with the current limits of US regulations

How does the parental remote work?

The parental remote is a simple key fob like most cars have. If the ATV is turned on using the fob it can also be shut off from up to 75ft away with the fob. Shut down a little rider not listening, driving too far away, or driving into somewhere dangerous, with 1 click.

How long is shipping?

The shipping process begins with 1-2 days for processing and pickup by the shipping company. Then it is either 4-14 days for standard free shipping or 3-5 days for paid express shipping. Both options are available upon checkout. Please note that shipping estimates are based on delivery location in comparison to our shipping location in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The further away the destination, the higher the shipping time will be in the estimated range.

What assembly is required when the eQuad T kids four wheeler is delivered?

The eQuad T ATV arrives 98% assembled. The only steps required to get riding are; remove from the shipping frame, attach the handlebars, attach the decals (optional) and charge.


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